Keratin Lash Lift Training
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Svetlana has received training from various places around the world, and noticed that there is no one perfect training that would teach you consistency with your lashlift  results every time. Years later, Svetlana developed her own unique innovative technique that stands out and amazes every time.

Most common client feedback
" That's the best Lashlift I ever got"

Reliable results every time

Individual Approach

One technique / any brand

Technique Features

Svetlana's technique involves looking at lash condition and lash type while processing the solutions.
This ensures that lashes get lifted every time, and we don't hold the solution even a minute longer than we should, just enough for these particular lashes.Paragraph

Being the Lashlift stylist is all about getting creative!
" Imagining the lift" for this particular client, for these particular lashes. We always ask a client if she wants the dramatic lift or more natural? We always look at the face and eye shape, lash direction before deciding on which shield will we use and how will we apply the solutions.Paragraph

This technique was tested on many lash lift brands, and it's always the same, always safe for lashes. Svetlana has preferences for certain brands. just because of their ingredient list, and gladly shares all of this information during her training.

This course is

Designed for both beginners and practicing Lashlift artists. 

what is included in the course


Lasts 7 hours (10 am to 5 pm) and consists of 2 parts:

- Review of lash textures, lengths, and eye shapes
- Proper processing times and application
-Shield/rod types and lash placement nuances 
- The whole procedure step by step
-Full advanced kit enough for 10 treatments

- Lash tinting
- Client consultation
- Aftercare maintenance
-Achieving Perfect lift every time, predictable success

-1 live demo
- 1 Hands-on student practice on model

-Receiving certificate upon completion
- Lash lift consent forms
-Social media tips to market your work
-Photo taking and editing tips
- Detailed supply list with links where to buy
- Ongoing Support 
- Advanced lash lift kit
You will fall in love with the Lash Lift & Tint process❤️
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1️⃣ Personalized Precision:
While others simply rely on timers or manufacturer recommendations, Lashespresso empowers you to be in complete control. You'll learn to identify the precise moment when each lash is ready for the next step, ensuring you never over-process or miss the perfect curl. This level of control not only guarantees outstanding results but also safeguards the health of your clients' lashes.

2️⃣ Customized Curls:
Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach! Lashespresso teaches you to assess eye shape and cater to your client's desires. With this technique, you'll have the knowledge to select the ideal shield size and create various types of curls, allowing you to tailor the lash lift specifically to each client. The result? Stunning, personalized transformations that will leave them feeling fabulous!

3️⃣ Work less, earn more!
Gone are the days of lengthy lash lift sessions. With practice and the time-saving tips offered by Lashespresso, you'll become a pro at completing the procedure in just 45 minutes to an hour. Imagine the efficiency and increased capacity to serve more clients while maintaining exceptional quality.

4️⃣ Unparalleled Comfort:
Unlike other methods where clients may experience unpleasant sensations or are advised to remain quiet, Lashespresso ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Your clients can freely talk, laugh, and relax, knowing that there will be no discomfort or inconvenience during the procedure.

At Lashespresso, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of both you and your clients. We have meticulously researched and handpicked the best quality and safest lash lift products available.
If you want to become a lash lift artist or want to add new super profitable service to your beauty business 
- Join the Lashespresso revolution and unlock a world of beauty, success and confidence. Embrace the future of lash lifts today! 💕✨

how is lash espresso technique better that traditional lash lift technique?

are lashes

right for me???

"How long does Lash Lift last?"

It usually lasts approximately between 6 and 8 weeks,but this depends on quite a few factors. 

- The most significant factor is the growth direction of natural lashes
- The growth speed of lashes 
-  Lash growth cycle
-  Home care, etc.

are lashes

right for me???

"Is Lash Lift suitable for short/weak lashes?"

Lash Lift may and can be performed on all lashes, regardless of their length or strength. You can always use a serum after the treatment to grow lashes longer, strengthen lashes and help grow new lashes.  

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